Marine Services

  • Underwater maintenance and repairs.

-Routine Jobs:
Hull inspection and cleaning.
Propeller polish.
Class inspections including IWS/UWILD.
Sea chest and valve inspection/blanking.
-Specialist works:
Rudder and stabilizer works.
Seal repair and replacement.

  • Steel & Machinery repairs, technical support.
  • Hot works teams (repairs/permissions).
  • Marine equipment systems repairs.
  • Repair and welding works for hull structures.
  • Repair and replacement of pipes and tubes.
  • Electric works.
  • Engine and boiler repairs: main and auxiliary engines, compressors, pumps, boilers, etc.
  • Reconditioning of motor parts.
  • Hatch cover repairs.
  • Metal ware and metal working with special equipment.
  • Service engineers and superintendency.
  • Hydraulic systems repairs.
  • Hold cleanliness.
  • Repairs of radio and navigational equipment.
  • Safety equipment services – life saving appliances servicing and repairs.
  • Lifeboat repairs and service.
  • Bunker survey.
  • ULD inspection – hatch cover water tightness test.
  • Pre-shipment inspection.
  • Draft survey.
  • Sealing / unsealing cargo compartment.
  • Loading / discharging supervision.
  • Sale & purchasing ships inspection.
  •  Work forces.