Marine Services

       Our company’s staff are traveling to Black Sea Region and are able to offer at our costumers a vast network of services. Our technicians and surveyors are ready and able to provide our services not only at the ports of Ukraine BUT in all region of Black Sea and mainly at Romania, Bulgaria & Turkey Ports.

  • Underwater maintenance and repairs.

-Routine Jobs:
Hull inspection and cleaning.
Propeller polish.
Class inspections including IWS/UWILD.
Sea chest and valve inspection/blanking.
-Specialist works:
Rudder and stabilizer works.
Seal repair and replacement.

  • Service engineers and superintendency.
  • Hold cleanliness.
  • Safety equipment services – life saving appliances servicing and repairs.
  • Bunker survey.
  • ULD inspection – hatch cover water tightness test.
  • Pre-shipment inspection.
  • Draft survey.
  • Sealing / unsealing cargo compartment.
  • Loading / discharging supervision.
  • Sale & purchasing ships inspection.
  •  Work forces.