Trading & Chartering


      Aeolos Trading Department has long experience in the grain market makes it a competitive and trustworthy partner and allows it to make the most beneficial offers to its clients based on its expertise in agricultural market and on its professional and reliable partners.
      Ukraine is a country with well-developed agricultural traditions that boasts at least one-third of the world’s total acreage of “black soil,” the richest in the world, which explains why agriculture has always been significant for the country’s economy. Other agricultural assets include favorable growing conditions, geographic location and year-round access to ports on the Black Sea.

     Wheat is the most popular agricultural crop, with more than half of all Ukrainian agro-businesses being engaged in its production and accounts for 40% to 50% in the cereal crops production. In addition to wheat, Ukrainian grain exports have been traditionally dominated by two crops – barley and corn.
In recent years Ukraine became one of the world`s most important grain exporters and one of the main grain donors for Europe, Asia and Africa as over half of its grain output is exported abroad.
      Near East, North African and EU countries have been the main consumers of Ukrainian wheat due to relative geographical vicinity of these regions to Ukraine, convenience of shipment and steady requirement for this type of cereals. In this regard, Asian and African countries show demand for Ukrainian milling wheat, whereas European countries give preference to importing feed wheat from Ukraine.

Our knowledge and experience in shipping and trade of all kinds of grain (wheat, grain, barley, corn and related products) enables us to provide high quality products at most attractive prices and to guarantee their safe and timely shipment to any port in the Mediterranean. Aeolos Shipping Services provides complete and professional forwarding services for export grain shipments. Required grain documentation is prepared and submitted thoroughly and accurately on your behalf to ensure your cargoes move without delay.

     We are here to earn your trust from the very first order and to build our long-term mutually beneficial business relationship.